Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just FYI

Well just a short update of how things are going. I am doing much better and finally feel like I just might make it. :) Right now the plan is to hopefully go home on Monday. This morning they finally pulled out the drain tube I had in. When they did the surgery they had to flush like 7 liters of fluid in me to rinse out stool that had escaped out of the bowel, so I have had a drain coming out of my stomach with some of this fluid. It feels really good to have it out.
Wednesday they closed my incision all the way with staples. We were all surprised how big it was. The first time Chris saw it he said "Jill no wonder you're hurting." My mom didn't think it was any bigger than my last surgery but when she saw it she couldn't believe how big it was either. It goes up past my belly button and is probably 8 in long or so. I have pictures that I might post later. Fair warning they are not very pretty so don't look if you have a weak stomach. The doctors are a little worried about it being infected because of some drainage that is coming out (I know, again probably TMI). They don't want to have to open it back up again but they think as long as it's draining good they shouldn't have to worry about that.

I have been eating for a few days and have been eating solid food for a couple days. I can't eat a ton at once but I'm getting there. It certainly is nice to be able to eat whatever I want though, finally. I am still receiving TPN. The surgeons said they want to keep me on it until I go home, but the GI doctors said they want me to go home on it and get it at least at night for awhile. They really want me to gain weight and to be getting extra calories, so we will see what happens. The surgeons felt like it wasn't worth the risk of infection, the GI doctors felt like it was really necessary.

Yesterday was a hard day. They took me off of the PCA pump and changed to pills. I was in a lot pain (I think because I slept really good during the night, meaning I wasn't pushing the button, and so I got behind on pain medicine and it took a long time for for the pills to kick in). I was really nauseated and they scheduled nausea medicine every 4 hours so that helped. I basically layed in bed most of the day barely moved and eventually felt better. I was able to drink some Ensure and eat some soup later and actually showered in the evening, which felt really good. Today was MUCH better and I felt pretty good all day.

My left arm is improving slowly. The occupational therapist has worked with me a lot which has helped. It is still somewhat numb but it's getting stronger. The OT said all my range of motion is there, it's just a strength thing. He said it would help if I continued to have therapy 2-3 times/week for awhile. He thinks it should get back to normal just fine. I'm not as worried about it as I was. I can touch my finger to my nose now and have more coordination so that's good. I feel like a stroke patient sometimes, haha.

It looks like we have lost my phone and iPod so that's pretty sad. I love my iPod. The day I went down for biopsies we left them in the room because we were only planning on being gone for an hour. Then I ended up having surgery and moved to the ICU and when my mom and Chris went back to get all our stuff, it had been packed up and taken out of the room. They never could find my phone or iPod. The hospital really felt bad and did everything they could to help us but to no avail. I have the "find my iPod" app but it couldn't pick it up and there has been no activity on my phone like someone's used it. The phone finally started going to voicemail after a few days. Maybe they will still turn up, we"ll see. Anyway, start messaging me your phone numbers on Facebook so I have them. :) We will get me a new phone when we get home.

So that's how things are going right now. Once again we are so thankful for everyone's love and prayers. They have definitely been felt. I will try to update this a little and when I get home and can fill in all the blanks and post some pictures. :)


Dani said...

Yea for coming home on Monday!! I bet you're excited to get out of that place. That's crazy you couldn't touch your finger to your nose - oh the things we take for granted :) You must have lost quite a bit of weight since all this happened? Well, here's to lots of milkshakes and DQ blizzards to help you gain it back!! Love you Jill!

LINDSAY said...

Excited you're coming home. You're a toughy! You've been through a lot the last couple of weeks. Love ya!

Halfords said...

I hope you are able to go home monday! I bet youre anxious to sleep in your own bed!