Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Year's Resolution

I just wanted to give a quick update on my health, more for my own records than anything. I have continued to get stronger and feel better. Although I feel like the last couple months I have reached a plateau. I have only been able to gain about 10 of the 23 or so pounds that I lost. I also haven't been trying as hard, but it is my New Year's resolution to gain wt! Chris has been making me smoothies everyday the last week to have in addition to my breakfast I normally eat (which will be super fun to make with our new BlendTec we got for Christmas from Chris' Grandparents)! I am going to have to just start eating more...tonight I actually ate TWO pieces of pizza and TWO pieces of crazy bread, which is really good for me. Chris was so proud.
 My rheumatoid arthritis has been bothering me a lot more than normal, so I am taking another medication for that. It won't start working for about a month so she also gave me a weeks worth of steroids to help. This morning my hands are very swollen and just throbbing, hence why I am awake and Chris is sound asleep next to me. (When I started writing this post, it was early in the morning). I have found an essential oil that does help, thanks to Chris' Aunt who told me which ones to try. The rheumatologist had me get some blood work done for a baseline because you have to have it checked regularly while taking the new medicine. My Vitamin D was low, which can cause muscle pain, so I will also be taking a very high dose of that for awhile. One of my liver enzymes was also slightly elevated, not sure why. I have to have that checked again this week.
My stomach is fine for the most part. Except for I just don't have a great appetite sometimes and I can't eat a lot at once.  Other than that, I would say I am doing so much better. I go to work everyday and don't feel exhausted like I used to. I used to count down the minutes until I could go home and crawl in bed, and now I can't believe it when it is already 5:00. A couple times a week I even end up working 9 or 10 hours and I'm tired, but I'm not dying like I was before.
Anyway, that's where things are at right now. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for my health everyday. It is something I definitely don't take for granted! (On a side note, we found out a couple weeks ago that my $120,000 bill from the University of Utah was paid 100% by the insurance, when we were originally told they would pay 60%)! Thankful for blessings everyday. :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

I think that I am ready for Christmas! I just want it to be here. Here are just a few fun pics of what we have been doing this Christmas season.

We had fun decorating our tree.

Thanks again to my momma for loaning us her decorations.

I've been making some crafts, of course. I couldn't find anything I like for a good price to hang our stockings, so I made this. It will do for now I guess.

Chris' favorite movie is The Grinch. :)

We had a Relief Society Christmas dinner. I don't know why but I volunteered to decorate a table. I had to bring dishes and a centerpiece, and a salad for my table. This is what I came up with. I think it turned out pretty good. I just brought every snowman I have and put them in the middle. :)

The is the tree at River Park Square mall, downtown Spokane. We live pretty close to it. I was four stories up when I took this picture!

I talked to a pt one day who seemed so sad and kept saying he wanted to go home. So I made him this cute little tree and took it to him the next day.

Chris took me ice skating the other night at River Front Park. I had been wanting to go. I got home from work and Chris said, "Lets go!" It was so fun. I have been once before on a pond, but that was it. I was scared at first, but I think I was doing pretty good by the time we left. Nothing like Disney on Ice, but Chris had a hard time keeping up with me. :) Just kidding. 

We are so thankful for the Christmas season and the opportunity to celebrate the birth of our Savior. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Well I know it's late, (as always), but I though I would write a quick post about our Thanksgiving. I had Thanksgiving off of work, so we were able to go home for a few days. It was fun to see everyone. I was really missing my momma! We left at about 1:30 Wednesday afternoon and got to Burley Wednesday night at 11:00. We had 3 Thanksgiving dinners and one big Thanksgiving breakfast between our 4 parents. We spent time with our nieces and nephews. Chris got to see his best friends for a couple hours, and he got to shoot his new gun with his dad and brothers, which he has been DYING to do. :) He also made me shoot it when we went to my dad's. We went to Walmart on Black Friday around 10am just to see what was there and ended up buying a 32" TV for $97. Door buster deal and we didn't even have to get up early! :) We drove back early Monday so Chris could make it to class at 4:00. It was a fast trip and we basically saw our four parents in 4 days, but it was worth it. I have to work on Christmas, but we are planning on being home for New Year's. Another quick trip but we are excited to see everyone again!

Here are a few pics of our trip:
Chris and Damian

Me and Cooper

Kelsi and Halli fell asleep on the couch together

Evelyn found the perfect spot to sit and read a book.

Like Father like Son. Haha!

Chris really missed Howard

Taylee and Taylor

I found several of these pictures on my iPad. Silly boys.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are so thankful for all of our blessings!