Sunday, March 15, 2015

Baby Blessing

Two weeks ago we went to my brother Brock's house in Wyoming. He was blessing his new baby girl who was born in January. This was the first time we met her. She is such a doll and I loved every minute I got to hold her! 

We got there late Friday night and Saturday we went to an indoor pool they have and swam for a couple of hours. I didn't get any pictures of that though.

That night we celebrated Porter's 6th birthday, which was the day before. He is so smart and so fun. I was playing Qwirkle with him while we were there, and he kept adding up his score before I could. He isn't allowed to answer math questions unless no one else in his Kindergarten class doesn't know the answer. Haha.

His mom accidentally bought trick candles. I was hilarious.

This beautiful girl in her blessing dress. 

We had such a fun weekend and it was nice that we were only 5 hours away. We really love living closer to family! 

I am getting so old!

I feel like we are constantly eating out and eating cake for a month between Valentine's Day and Chris' birthday, but it's a fun month. For Valentine's Day we went out to eat a place in Myton (town even tinier than Roosevelt) called the Hideout Steak House. It's literally in the middle of nowhere but it's really nice and really yummy! We ordered "steak on a stone," which meant our stead was brought to us raw on a hot stone, and we cooked it ourselves. This cook was right after they brought it to us. I cooked it pretty well before I ate it. It was fun and tasted good too. 

Valentine Flowers

On actual Valentine's Day I did a craft fair in Vernal. My little hobby is actually growing into a business and it seems like I always have orders now. I am thankful for everyone who has given me a chance to make them something. I will also be at a boutique in Burley in April. So excited!

The weekend of my birthday we ate at the Hideout Steakhouse again because we still had money left on our card. Saturday we ended up going to Salt Lake to try to get our computer fixed at the Apple store (which failed), but that's ok. We did a little shopping and ate at one of our favorite places there, The Melty Way. Sunday was my birthday and Chris made me a cake with flames that were different colors. It was a low key day but but ver nice.

Last Sunday was Chris' birthday. We went and had dinner at some friends' house and played games. I brought some candles but we ended using some that they had. They didn't have a 2, so Chris turned 31 for the second time. :) We didn't frost and eat the cake till later, so that's why it's still in the pan.
I am so thankful for Chris and all he does for me! Here's to many more birthday's and Valentine's Days together!