Saturday, August 25, 2012


The first weekend in August we decided to go up to Pomerelle in memory of when we got engaged. We rode the lift up and walked down like we did a year before. We found the same log that we took a couple pictures on last year so we decided to take pictures there again. Chris set the timer on the camera and ran back to the log, but when he sat down, the log tipped over and the camera got a picture of him falling. I stood up but he was kind of stuck. It was pretty funny. So then we took the real pics but they don't look quite the same because the log is tipped over. It was a good time though and we had fun remembering when we got engaged.

Last year:
This year:

Road Trip

Well, as I have mentioned before, we are moving to the big city, Spokane, for Chris to go to grad school. He will be getting his Masters in Healthcare Administration. For the last few months we have both been looking for jobs there, with not very much luck. I have had a hard time even finding openings for a dietitian. I have talked to tons of people on the phone, checked hospitals, nursing homes, health departments, etc. We finally found an opening for a full time RD position at a hospital called, ironically, St. Luke's. It has nothing to do with the St. Luke's I work at now. It is a rehabilitation hospital where people go for therapy after an accident or stroke, etc. I applied and got an interview so we packed our bags and took a quick road trip. We decided since we were there we would look at apartments as well. I had the interview and it went pretty well. We also found a place we liked, so it was a productive trip. We had a little time to kill in between appointments too so we went to Riverfront Park. Chris was so excited to show me "the big red wagon" that he played on as a kid when he lived there, but was disappointed it wasn't as big as he remembered. I still thought it was pretty cool. The handle is a slide and there are monkey bars underneath it. I also talked Chris into riding the Carousel with me and I got two more pressed pennies for my collection. We also got to see Spokane Falls, which are man made but pretty cool. Chris thought he was funny taking a picture of me walking up all those stairs, but I made it. :)

History Lesson

Well I know it has been FOREVOR since I last posted, but we have been crazy busy (and stressed) with looking for jobs, packing, and moving, but more about that later.
Awhile back Chris checked a book out from the library on the history of Twin Falls. He was fascinated by it. Every day he was telling me about things he read, such as "this picture is where the corner of Main and Shoshone is," and it would be a picture of an old guy with a beard holding a shovel in the middle of a bunch of sagebrush. Anyway, one rare Saturday when he had nothing to do and nowhere to be, we set out to find the "Blue Lakes," which I never knew existed. I guess there's a reason why there is Blue Lakes Blvd. So we drove across the canyon and trespassed onto the Jerome Country Club golf course (shh, don't tell), and we found them! They are actually Blue. It was really pretty. We also realized that there is a lookout point where you can legally look at them, which we stopped at on the way back.
Chris also hoped to find the gravesite of Mr. Perrine himself, who apparently is buried down there somewhere, but in an effort to keep our trespassing to a minimum, we didn't look too hard.
Next we went down to Centennial Park and read a sign all about where the old grade used to come down into the canyon, which Mr. Perrine made. It went behind Centennial Falls. Chris had read about this as well, and even though he had been behind the falls before, he wanted go again, this time trying to see where the old grade would have been. It was pretty fun going behind the falls and Chris was satisfied with his determination of where the road must have come down.
Here are a few pics of our hands on history lesson that day: