Saturday, April 5, 2014


Well I don't really have a clear topic for this post, but I figured it was time for an update. Since my last post, Chris and I:

Celebrated Valentine's Day with a yummy dinner and a movie, and of course, Chris sent me flowers at work.

Celebrated both our birthdays. Chris took me ice skating on my birthday. I learned how to spin around and skate backwards. Not like the Olympic skaters but it was still fun.

On Chris' birthday we ate the biggest steak I think I've ever seen in my life. We got this yummy dessert that looks like a baked potato but tastes way better!

We saw the Harlem Globetrotters (which was one of Chris' Christmas presents). We had a lot of fun. They did lots of cool tricks and were really funny.

This was my favorite part of the whole thing. They were arguing over a call the ref made, so they did it in "rewind," and then wanted to see it again in slow motion. 

I have made several cards this year already.

Poor Chris rolled his ankle pretty bad. The same ankle that he has broken twice. He is doing better now, but it still bothers him a little.

 This guy defended his thesis and passed! He will graduate with his Masters in Health Policy Administration in 5 weeks! Yay! I was able to go and watch him and he did a good job. Please pray that he will be able to find a job soon!

And drumroll......I got my PICC line out!! No more TPN! Woo hoo! This time we tapered off of it slowly and I think my body handled that better than just stopping it cold turkey. We stopped it completely 3 weeks ago. It was supposed to be taken out after 2 weeks, but I lost 4 pounds in one week, and my GI doctor was out of town, so no one wanted to pull it till he got back. I maintained my weight after that, so it was pulled on Wednesday. It feels really good to not have to shower with a plastic glove on, and flush it with saline and heparin every night.
I also saw my GI doctor on Wednesday and we had a good visit. He was happy with my weight. He thinks it would be good if I got a bone density scan, since it has been a couple years. We want to make sure that I am absorbing the calcium I take. He does want me to get a Small Bowel Follow Thru done to check for a fistula and see how much intestine I have left. I am also going to see the urologist to check for the fistula. I'm hoping there really isn't anything there. He also says he doesn't think we should try to have a baby yet. He is afraid I would be sick, lose weight, and end up on TPN again. :( We are going to start the adoption process. I want a baby so bad!
Since we are talking about my 
health, I will also say that the Cimzia is helping my joints. When I saw the rheumatologist a couple weeks ago, only one of my fingers was swollen, and I was finally able to get my wedding ring off!

And just for fun, here is picture of my cute nails that I painted during conference today. I really enjoyed todays sessions and can't wait for tomorrow!
p.s. When I think of the word "smorgasbord," I think of Charlotte's Web when Templeton the rat sings, " A fair is a veritable smorgasbord, orgasbord, orgasbord, after the crowds have ceased...." Such a good song. :)