Monday, June 3, 2013

Good News!

Well today we got some good news. I had the Exam Under Anesthesia today and the doctors (colorectal surgeon and uro-gynecologist) found the fistula! I was really happy because I was really afraid they wouldn't find anything, and we still wouldn't have an answer to what is going on. :)

We had to be there at 6 am and they finally took me back at about 7:35. The procedure itself was pretty quick. The colorectal surgeon went out and talked to Chris just after 8:00. I didn't really wake up until about 9:00. I stayed in recovery until about 9:50 and then they moved me to where Chris could come back and see me. I don't know why I was there for so long because they told us he could see me 30-45 minutes after it was done. I was pretty nauseated when I woke up, which seems to be pretty typical for me, so they gave me some pain meds and some phenergan. (IV pain medicine makes me nauseated too). I also had a little trouble breathing and had to wear some oxygen for awhile. Once I was feeling better then Chris got to see me. I ate some apple sauce, saltine crackers, and cranberry juice and we were home a little after 11:00 I think. I ate a sandwich when we got home and I went back to bed about 12:30 and slept clear till 4:00! haha. We didn't take any pictures, but I'm ok with that since I wasn't allowed to wear any makeup. Haha, just kidding.

Chris said that the surgeon said the fistula was pretty little, which was good news. She said it is coming from the little bit of rectum that they left after they removed my jpouch last year. This was also good news because we actually suspected it was higher up and this would make it harder to fix. She thinks that it's a good plan to go ahead with the Remicade and see if that will help it heal and come back and see her in 3 months and see where we are at. (We are trying to avoid surgery here).

I will probably have to have this rectal stump removed eventually, but it is a pretty big surgery so we won't do that yet. I feel much better about things now that we know what is wrong, and we have a plan to fix it. Chris and I fasted yesterday that this procedure would yield some answers and my mom told me she fasted for me as well. Yesterday our Relief Society lesson was on Elder Uchdorf's talk on Forget-Me-Nots, and we talked about "Forget not that the Lord loves you." I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and is answering my prayers. I start the Remicade on June 18 and am praying it will work!