Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Praying for a Baby

So most of you know that Chris and I have been wanting a baby for a long time. After the whole surgery last December and TPN for 4 months, my doctors in Spokane did not recommend having a baby. So we haven't even been trying. We decided to try to adopt as soon as Chris finished school. But then LDS Social Services announced that they weren't going to to do adoptions anymore. Literally 2 days before we going to submit the papers. I checked into a bunch of adoption agencies in Utah but they all just cost way more than we can afford. So we decided to fast and pray about it again. This time, we felt much better about having our own. I have been feeling really well since we moved. I think it is because I haven't had to work. I can sleep in if I need to, rest if I don't feel good, focus on eating better, etc. 

Right after we moved, I got an appointment with a primary care doctor here. He wanted me to see some other doctors before we go ahead and start trying. I saw an OB in Roosevelt, and we talked about medications that I would need to stop taking. And I was perfectly ok with that, because they were mostly meds that don't help me anymore. Then I had an appointment with a GI doctor in Salt Lake on Friday. I was really looking forward to this appointment and felt like it took forever, but it finally came. I really liked the doctor. I was hoping that she would just say "Yeah, have a baby, I'll help you if you get sick." But she wanted me to see a Urologist and a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor (High Risk Pregnancy doctor) before hand. She also had me get blood drawn and it showed that I'm anemic and low in Vitamin D. I have slacked off on taking my vitamins lately, so I will do better. I have an appointment on the 15th with the Urologist, to have a scope of my bladder and make sure they still can't find a fistula. We wouldn't want to figure that out while I was pregnant, and need surgery. My doctor's in Spokane talked about the possibility of doing TPN while I am pregnant, so we talked about crossing that bridge when we get there. Hopefully I won't be that sick, and we won't have to go there. The MFM doctor will be able to tell us if there is a weight goal, and the risks of pregnancy and everything. I did lose 10 pounds when we moved, and I don't know why, probably from the stress of packing and everything. I wish that wouldn't have happened so the chances of us getting pregnant fast would be better. The appointment with the MFM doctor is not he 27th, so I guess I can wait 20 more days, right? 

We haven't ruled out adoption. If we heard of a baby someone was giving up, and could adopt them without going through an agency, then we would totally do that. I do have a name of a lady to call who has adopted a lot of children, and knows how to do it without paying an arm and a leg, so I am going to call and pick her brain. 

Sometimes I get really emotional when we are around kids. I just started crying spontaneously a couple times, when we were on Temple Square, just seeing cute kids and babies everywhere. I have also been known to cry at church, or walking through the baby section at the store. We want a baby so bad, so please pray for us that we will be able to start our family soon. And if you hear of any babies needing a mommy and daddy, let us know! 

Happy Anniversary! and Chris-isms....

This last weekend, we had the opportunity to spend in Salt Lake. I had a doctor's appointment on Friday (more about that later), and since yesterday was our anniversary, we celebrated it over the weekend while we were there. We had lots of fun!

Before we went I signed up for FavoriteEats. You can sign up online for a monthly subscription. It is usually $5/month, and then you get to eat at one of the places on the list and get $8-$12 worth of food. But right now they are having a deal where it is only $1. And then after you choose the first place, you can send an email to 4 friends (they don't have to do it, you just have to send the email), and then you get another meal free. So basically Chris and I ate at 2 places, and got a total of 4 meals for $2! And it was really good! The first place was Melty Way, a grilled cheese sandwich place-SO yummy! And then the second place was Sicilia Pizza. 

On Friday, we ate at Melty Way, then went to my appointment, and then went to the Gateway Mall and City Creek Mall and did some shopping. I got a couple new shirts as an anniversary present. Then we went to Temple Square and walked around for awhile. We went inside the Tabernacle. I remember going to the General Young Women's Conference there when I was 12 and it seemed so much bigger then! I can't believe how small it actually is. We went inside the Visitor's Centers, and took lots of pictures of the temple. It is so beautiful-I think it is so amazing it took 40 years to build. Next time we go to SL we are going to plan on doing a live session there. I have never done one and would love to! Then we ate at the pizza place and then went to our hotel. We got in the hot tub for awhile which was so relaxing. I would love to own a hot tub someday. :)

Funny Fact: I had this same exact bear growing up. I used to sleep with it when I was really little. It was on display in the visitor's center. Although, last time I was home and I saw it, I think it was missing it's bow. :)

The next morning we slept in and ate a late breakfast at Denny's. Then we went back to Temple Square and got in line for standby tickets to the afternoon session of General Conference. There were probably 75-100 people in front of us, so we thought we had a pretty good chance of getting in. They had us wait inside the Tabernacle, but when we got in there they told us that all the people already in there were in front of us, because they were waiting for the morning session, and didn't get in. But then I didn't see them let anyone into the Conference, which was kind of weird. So we watched it in the Tabernacle. We got to sit in the front where there was a TV with captions so Chris could understand it better. 

After Saturday's afternoon session, we drove to Orem and looked around the University Mall for awhile. I was looking for a new coat, which would be a Christmas present, but I didn't find anything. Then we ate dinner at Olive Garden, which I had been craving for a long time. It was so yummy. Then we went to My aunt and uncle's house and stayed the night. It was nice to be able to see my cousin Katie and her husband, and my Uncle Parley and Aunt Marilyn. The next morning they made us a yummy breakfast while we watched the first session of conference. Right after it was over we drove back to SL because we had tickets to the afternoon session. When we got there, we asked if we could sit in the hearing impaired section, where there is a TV with captions and they let us, even though our tickets were for another section. They were much better seats then where we would have sat. We loved conference and we loved being there in the same room as the apostles and prophets. 

We drove home that night. It was nice to be home. I had started coming down with a cold, which I kind of passed off as allergies all weekend, but Sunday night I really didn't feel well so I went right to bed. 

I really love Chris and just feel so lucky to be with him for eternity. Here is something that I wrote on Facebook: Happy Anniversary to my best friend and the best husband I could have ever imagined! I can't believe it has been 3 years! I love you so much Chris. I truly believe the Lord puts people in our lives to help us through trials, and I was just telling my mom the other day, that yes, the Lord gave me health problems, but he also gave me a wonderful husband to help through those hard things. Chris has taken on my trials as his own. He is so patient, kind, and helpful. He takes such good care of me, I don't think anyone else could do a better job. I love his personality, his jokes, and how he always makes me laugh, numerous times a day. He is a hard worker and I am so proud of him for going to grad school and getting a good job so he can support us. We are so compatible, sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky-we very rarely ever disagree and never argue or fight. People say marriage is hard work, but I just think it's fun and amazing. So glad we get to be together forever!

I have a few funny things Chris has said written down. Truthfully I could write down everything he says, it's like having a little kid who say funny things all the time. One thing I love is that when he is talking he sounds so serious, and then after a minute you realize he is totally joking and not making sense. I call them Chris-isms. Here are just a few: 

Chris: I mixed up some tuna fish today. I killed a tuna and a fish and mixed them together....Then added some pizza sauce, some pepperoni....

Chris: So. Twilight huh? Me: Yeah. Chris: Which one? Me: The first one! Chris: At the beginning huh...(Singing the Sound of Music)..a very good place to start. 

Chris on a scale of 16-907, how funny was that?

Chris: We now have the World Wide Web. You can just see the waves of technology running through our house. (Waving his arms around).

Chris: I'm giving you the afghan. Not to be confused with the Pakistani.

Chris: When I'm an apostle someday I'm going to go by C. Dale Leiser or Christopher Dale L. 

Chris: Why are all these streets named after men? Bernard, Lincoln, Howard....29th Ave.

Chris: It was so foggy when I drove to Post Falls the other day. Me: Oh yeah? Chris: Yeah, it was so bad that I had to get out of the car and push because I couldn't see where I was at. Me: Right....

Chris: I need to take my pants to a tailor....and I don't mean Tim Taylor.

Chris: Let do Rock, Paper, Scissors. Best out of 3. Best out of 150? Me: NO! Chris: Best out of 149?

I don't know if these are that funny when you read them, but he always makes me laugh, and I love that about him! 

More pictures of the temple. Isn't it amazing?

Paint, Projects, and Polka Dot Pansies

A lot of you already know, that I recently started an Etsy shop, called Polka Dot Pansies. I have had lots of fun making crafts for other people. I have had quite a few people want me to make them custom orders, and it is so fun! I have always loved making things, and learning how to make other things. It has given me something fun to do now that I'm not working, and given us a little extra money. I like that I can do it as much or as little as I want. 

A couple weeks ago I decided to finally repaint my kitchen table and chairs, coffee table, and end table. Chris' cousin left these in the duplex we lived in when we first got married. We stained the coffee table and end table back then, but now I wanted to paint them. Here are before and after pictures. I think they turned out really good! I have fabric to make cushions for the chairs, and then I think it will look even better! 

 If you need anything cute made, just let me know, I would love to make it for you!
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