Monday, June 8, 2015

Girls Camp 2015

Because my calling in church is in Young Women, I got to go to Girl's Camp this year. This was my first time going as a leader. My calling is the Beehive Advisor, meaning I teach the lessons on Sunday to the 12-13 year old girls. I loved getting to get to know all the other girls better too. I have some very cherished memories of Girl's Camp and the wonderful girls and leaders I went with, I hope that these girls will remember me as well and that I can make a difference in their lives. I was impressed with girls' willingness to work and help each other, and it was so wonderful being around their wonderful spirits and hearing and seeing their testimonies.

 I was in charge of 2 crafts for the girls to do while we were there. Surprise! I cut out the words "Be YOU Tiful" on my Cricut and brought them each a piece of 2 x 4 and some paint. They painted their wood and then modge podged the words on. They loved it and they turned out really cute. 

A couple days later we did the second craft. I brought them all a picture frame, a knob, and some lace and they painted the frames, and the glued the knob and lace on, with some ribbon to hang it on the wall. It is a jewelry hanger. They also loved that and I think they had lots of fun.

One of the days the girls did a challenge course. They went through different team work obstacles. We didn't get to go with them, because they wanted to girls to work through them without their leaders' help, but we did get to do that last part while we waited for them, which was a ropes course. We climbed up a pole, walked across a log, and then slid down on a zip line. It was really fun and I was really proud of all the girls who did it. Some even did it blindfolded!

One day we went on a 5 mile hike with the whole stake. It was fun walking and talking with he girls and the view at the top was very worth it.

 There was a moose and her baby wandering around our campground the whole time and we saw it a few times pretty close up. 

These girls are so silly and fun, but so spiritual at the same time. Our theme was about being a virtuous woman, and I know they all already are, and will grow up to be great examples to those around them!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Last week there was a carnival in town so I talked Chris into taking me down and riding the ferris wheel. I love ferris wheels, don't know why. I guess I think they are romantic. :) Love my cute husband!

We decided to go home for Memorial Day, and after the fact we realized that no one was really going to be there for most of the weekend, but we went anyway. Chris' mom and step dad went to Yellowstone and came back Sunday night. His dad and stepmom were gone and came back Saturday evening. None of my cousins came and my aunts and uncles were leaving town. But we really needed to get out of town. Saturday we did a little shopping in the morning, and then we saw Chris' brother Robby and his girlfriend. Then I went and saw my friends Sarah and Melissa who I worked with in Twin. I miss them so much. Melissa's daughter was having a birthday was having a birthday party at the new park in Twin so I went down there and hung out for awhile while Chris went and saw his brothers and cousin. I'm mad I forgot to get a picture with them. Later we had ice cream with my roommate Amy who is from Twin and was in town. It was really good to get to see friends who we normally don't have time to see. 

We went to Chris' grandparent' house and visited with them, and then swam for awhile in his Aunt and Uncle's new pool, who live next door. That night we went and had dinner at Chris' dad's. Sunday we went to church and then saw his mom later when she got home. Monday we met Chris' family at the cemetery to put flowers on graves. We stopped in Burley to see my brother Kelby and his family. 
 Before we left town for good we stopped at the Heyburn Cemetery and saw my Grandma and Grandpa Hellewell's graves and my mom's three sisters. It wouldn't be Memorial Day if we didn't. 

Definitely not a Memorial Day I am used to, but it was fun anyway. I'm glad we got to spend so much time with Chris' family, and whit people we don't get a lot of time to see. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Seattle Trip

Well it has been awhile since I have blogged. I wanted to catch up for journaling purposes. As most of you know, back in March my mom was diagnosed with 3 ependymal tumors-two on her spine and one on her brain. She had surgery at the University of Utah to remove the biggest one on the spine. As a result of the surgery, she lost all feeling and movement in her legs. She was in the rehab unit there at the U of U for about a month, and from there she went to Seattle to do radiation therapy. She went there because they have a special kind called Proton Therapy where the radiation actually stops at the tumors. Because she would need it to her whole brain and her whole spine, this was the best option, so that it would not affect her other organs and cause severe short and long term side effects. She was there for about 2 months and then came home. She is currently staying with my brother Kelby and his wife Amy in Burley during the week, and then the rest of us rotate weekends and we go home and take her to her house and stay with her. She is going to physical therapy and regaining some feeling and movement in her legs, and we are hopeful that she will eventually be able to walk again, or at least stand and transfer herself. We have so appreciated the prayers, support, love, service, and donations. They have helped tremendously. She has been in a lot of pain lately, probably for many reasons-nerve pain from regaining her feeling, back pain from a compression fracture caused by the radiation, UTI's, rib pain, etc, so please continue to keep her in your prayers. 

While she was in Seattle, we each took turns staying with her. We rented an apartment from a lady who only rents to people who need to be there for medical reasons. My sister-in-law Stephanie (Kyler's wife) and their little boy Josh, and I stayed with my mom for the first 3 weeks she was there. It took them almost 2 weeks to have everything ready to start the therapy, so we were able to play and see a few things before that. It was lots of fun being able to spend time with them all. Josh learned to say my name and grew to really like me. :) Here are some pics from that trip. 

He kept putting this bowl on his head-he looked like Charlie Chaplain. So cute.

He loved the Aquarium. We couldn't tear him away from this wall!

We went to Pike's Place Market one day. Josh fit in this guy's hand just perfect!

When this pic was taken he actually leaned over and wanted to come to me from his mom. Now that is love!

He loved the park!

At the end of May he came and stayed with us for a weekend while his dad worked and his mom had a girls weekend with her mom and sisters. We loved it!