Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Girl Fun

We planned ahead of time to have my niece Taylee (who just turned 8) to come home with us after the reunion. We are only about 4 1/2 hours from them now. On Thursday I met her mom halfway and her mom picked her up. We had so much fun! We both want to do it again next year.

On Monday Taylee taught me how to make rubber band bracelets and necklaces, and then I taught her how to make bead animals. I used to make a ton of them probably in about the 6th grade. She loved it and we ended up making more later. We went to lunch at McDonald's. We also did some puzzles. That girl loves puzzles as much as I do. That night we played a game of Quirkle with Chris, and Taylee beat us both!

Tuesday we drove to Vernal and got our nails done at the beauty school. We both got pedicures and manicures. I was kind of disappointed that our fingernail polish didn't even last the first day, but oh well. Our glitter toes still look cute! We both had lots of fun. I had never had a pedicure before and it felt sooo good! We also made "lava lamps." I found it on Pinterest. You put vegetable oil and water in a jar, and then add food coloring and an alka seltzer tablet, and then it bubbles like a lava lamp. You can keep putting in more alka seltzer to make it bubble more. We made like 5 of them, we just couldn't help ourselves. :)

Wednesday we made play dough. I haven't used play dough since I was little, it was  fun! After lunch we rode our bikes a few blocks and got snow cones. Then we did another puzzle. I have lots of Disney puzzles and Taylee liked all of them. :) We also made monster cookies that were really yummy right out of the oven! (Monster cookies are peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip, M&M cookies!) 

Thursday morning we played a game, and I made a bead Elsa and Taylee made a bead Anna-that girl LOVES Frozen! Then it was time to pack up and go. Poor girl got car sick and threw up on the way, but then she slept the last hour and half or so. 

It was so fun to get to spend one on one time with her and get to know her better. That girl loves pink just as much as me-we are a match made in heaven!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Family Reunion and the 4th of July

Last week we had our annual family reunion with my immediate family. We are getting so big, we are usually all together only twice a year, for our reunion, and at Christmas time. (15 grandkids with 2 on the way, plus my 5 siblings and their spouses!) I drove to Layton on Wednesday morning and Kyler and Stephanie (and cute baby Josh) met me there and I rode with them the rest of the way to Burley. Chris had to work Wednesday and Thursday, but I wanted to go earlier. I told my mom I wasn't coming until Thursday night with Chris, but then I surprised her and came Wednesday with Kyler. That evening we ate with Kelby and his boys at Al's Pizza, and then went to the park for awhile and took turns hitting the baseball. 

My mom reserved Steadman's for Thursday. It was a lot of fun. Chad, Brock, and Chris weren't there yet, so just the rest of us went. Steadman's is in Raft River and there are two big slides made out of some kind of plastic and you slide down them on tubes. We had lots of fun. There is also volleyball, a zip line, and some little playground toys for the kids. Although one of the kids, Luke, had no interest in that. He went down the slide head first over and over and over and over again by himself. He would laugh all the way down, and then get off and start walking up again, taking his tube with him. Sometime he couldn't even see where he was going. He was so cute! What a brave kid!

 Brock got to Burley Thursday evening. The next day we went to my sister Tysi's in Twin and hung out there. Chad got to Tysi's around the same time we did. Ron made a slide too out of a tarp that was pretty fun. The kids loved it. The little kids enjoyed a slip 'n slide and a kid pool. We also filled up water balloons but didn't get a chance to use them because it got a little chilly. My 2 year old nephew Cooper loves balls and playing catch, and he loved taking the water balloons after they were filled up and throwing them in the cooler. One time I threw him one and it landed on the ground and popped and he just looked around and said, "Where it go?" It was so cute. We played some baseball as well. That night Ron set off some fireworks for us all and there were plenty of sparklers for the kids (ok, I might have done one, too).

Saturday my nephew Ian got baptized at 1pm. We all went to that, and then had a lunch in the park with everyone who came to the baptism. It was very nice. In the park my brother Chad taught us all a new game called "Blocks," that was really fun. We played that for quite awhile. I also got to see my Uncle George and Aunt Charlotte at the baptism and the park. I hadn't seen him for so long. He is 96 years old. I was glad to get to see them. When I was about 5 years old, I learned my ABC's backwards and Uncle George gave me a dollar. Pretty much all of my cousins know the ABC's backwards. Well that's besides the point....After the park we all went to the Star Church baseball fields and had a real baseball game. My cousin Lindsay and her kids and my aunt Bev came to watch. My mom split us into two teams so we would be even. My team won, but no one's keeping track. :) I think my brothers were surprised that I can still hit a baseball. One time when I was running to first base I tripped and fell, so I didn't make it. Everyone got a good laugh out of that. After the game we finally had our water balloon fight. I enlisted the help of Lindsay's daughter Kate and my niece Taylee to help me get Chris. We were both pretty wet. It was really fun.

I love my family and love and cherish the times when we all get to be together. 
On Sunday my mom's church didn't start until noon, so we just went to the first hour and then left to go home. We stopped at my dad's on the way out and visited with him and Shana. We saw them at the baptism and the lunch, but wanted to be able to visit with them more. It took us quite awhile to get home because of construction but we finally made it home. But it was nice not to have to drive all day to get there. :)