Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I did it!

I graduated! I can't believe the day finally came...I never have to do homework again! It's a very exciting and weird feeling all at the same time. I have to thank everyone who helped me get through this...My mom-who listened to my endless phone calls about how stressed or tired or frustrated I was (some of which involved tears), my family-who have supported me from the very beginning, my fellow interns-you guys are so great, and especially my brother Chad and his wife Fran who squished their 3 little boys into one bedroom so I could live with them for free! I truly appreciate it and hope that I can someday repay the favor.

I packed up my little car on Saturday with as much stuff as I could fit, and came home to Burley. I'm going back this weekend to finish getting everything else. My plan now is to live at home with my mom while I study for my RD exam, and until I find a job. I can take the test whenever I want, I just have to wait 3-4 weeks until all the paperwork goes through saying I passed the internship. I really like Boise and don't really want to leave, so it would be pretty awesome if I found a job there, but I'll apply anywhere close that there's a job. I just hope it's soon, because I am flat broke. It costs $200 to take the exam, donations are now being accepted. :) It's been nice being home with my mom, and having nothing to do. I have slept in, read, watched TV, done a couple puzzles, cleaned the house, done laundry, unpacked, taken a nap, and just relaxed. I'm enjoying it while it week I plan on buckling down and studying. blah. I'm so nervous about it I avoid even thinking about it, so wish me luck.

Here's what else has been going on...
Just a couple cute pics of Halli I had to throw in here...doesn't she just make you smile?

My last weekend in Boise my branch hiked Tablerock in Boise. It's a big mountain (or hill, I'm really not sure) that has a big "B" on it. It's pretty cool to look out and see everything. I learned I'm really not in shape. :) I invited my friend Katie, one of the interns, who came with us.

So now that I am officially bored, feel free to drop in and say hi if you would like. Anyone in Burley, I need some entertainment. If you're here, call me...