Saturday, September 25, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

So I know this is a little late, but I still wanted to blog a little about Labor Day. It was actually a pretty relaxed and uneventful weekend. My brother Kelby and his wife Amy went to a wedding in Seattle over the weekend, so they dropped their kids off at our house Wednesday night. I watched Taylor and Ian Thursday and Friday. We went to the park, played the Wii, and watched some movies. Saturday my mom and I took them bowling and then out to Milner Dam that evening for awhile. My sister Tysi was there camping with her family so we surprised them and just hung out for awhile. Sunday after church we went out to my Uncle Blaine and Aunt Lora's and played games. I learned how to play "Missionary Pool" with my cousins and Uncle Blaine. It's an exciting and fast moving game, let me know if you want to know how to play :). Kelby and Amy got to Burley late Sunday night. Monday we went out Blaine and Lora's again and roasted hot-dogs and played some croquet. Let's just say I didn't come in first. :) All in all it was a fun few days. Here's just a few pics:

Kelsi and Halli on Kelsi's motorcycle.

Halli really likes the water (her pacifier is stuffed in her shirt so it didn't fall in the water.)

Kalan and Taylor fished for awhile.

And here's just a cute picture of Ian that Amy took because he needed to take a picture of himself to pre-school the next day.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Working Girl

That's right, I got a job! I had an interview on Monday at St. Luke's in Twin Falls and they called today and offered me the position! It's part time but they want to make it full time very soon! I feel very blessed! I was supposed to have another interview in Boise tomorrow (Thursday) for a job that would actually be in Utah, but I told the lady today that I accepted another job. It probably would have paid more, but that's ok. A week ago I was feeling sorry for myself, and then all of a sudden two promising job prospects showed up at my door...funny how fast things can change! YAY!
Jill Olson RD, LD

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

What lasts? Ice cream melts, the leaves of Autumn fall.
Sunsets fade, seasons change, and children don't stay small.
Balloons pop, snowfalls stop, do summers last? Never!
Weekends fly, today will die. But families are forevor!
We had a great time at our family reunion. I took way too many pictures, and had a hard time narrowing them down, so there's a lot. Most of the pics are of the kids, because, let's face it, their just so darn cute.
For our reunion with my siblings we went to Island Park for 4 days and stayed in a cabin. While there we went to the reservoir, floated the river, played at the park, fed the fish, and visited Johnny Sack's cabin. We spent a lot of time at the cabin too where the kids could ride their bikes, play on the huge dirt pile next to our cabin, watch movies, play the Wii, etc. (You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.)

We got back home on a Thursday. Chad and Brock also came back to our house. Kelby came Friday, and Tysi came Sunday for dinner and for my mom's birthday. We went bowling one day, and pretty much just hung out. Everyone left on Sunday except Brock and Kris. They stayed till Wednesday. It was fun getting to spend so much time with them since we only see them twice a year. And of course, my mom and I had to play a couple good games of The Farming Game with Brock and Kris. :)

Here's the grandkids at Island park...don't you just want to squeeze them all???

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Look at my Loot!

This is what I got in the mail last week: Psych Season 4 DVDs, Psych drawstring bag, Psych pineapple luggage tag, Psych pen, Psych notebook, and an incredibly large but still cool Psych t-shirt.
I won them in a photo contest on facebook. I submitted this photo of a (real) pineapple dressed as a ninja turtle during the season premiere. Originally there were supposed to be 20 winners, and they had so many entries that they ended up choosing 70 winners(see I'm not the only one obsessed with Psych). This was fine by me because I'm sure it helped me win. Many thanks to those of you who "liked" my photo.

And now, I leave you with the words of Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster:
Gus: Shawn, this misplaced malevolence you have with the spelling bee is getting monotonous. Stop hating on the bee! I'm sorry, ma'am, I do apologize for his inappropriate virulence.
Shawn: Why are you using all these big words all of a sudden?
Gus: I'm not doing that. That's preposterous.

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