Saturday, August 16, 2014


Well it has been quite awhile since I have last posted. Chris and I had a nice and quiet rest of the summer. The end of July we decided to go camping. This was the first time we ever went camping with just the 2 of us. We didn't really know the best area to go, so we just looked it up online and found a place in the Ashley National Forest. It was really hard to get to and had a very rocky road, so we probably won't go there again. But it was still fun. We had tinfoil dinners for dinner and then had s'mores later. I would just like to point out that I am pro at roasting marshmallows. It was delicious! The next morning we explored the area a little and then went home. It was short and sweet, but we enjoyed it. A couple weeks later we went to our Ward Campout. We liked this place much better, and it was fun to get to know our ward a little better. I got to play fast card games with some people, which was so fun. Chris won't play those games with me because I always beat him. :) 

A couple weeks later we decided to go one more time. I spent all day getting ready, making tin foil dinners, loading the car, etc. I really wanted to go somewhere where we could go swimming, so we were going to go to a reservoir. About halfway there it started raining. We decided to keep going and see if it would stop. It was still raining really hard when we got there but we waited it out and it stopped after a few minutes. We hurried and set up our tent and eventually after a few tries we were able to get a fire started. Luckily we brought our own wood that was dry or I don't think it would have happened. We cooked our dinner, and just as were done, it started raining again. We hurried and put everything away and got in the tent. Luckily we have a good tent with a good cover on it, so we were completely dry inside. We laid there for a couple hours listening to the rain pounding outside (it was SO loud), and we were both freezing and couldn't fall asleep. We finally decided to get up and go home. Right when we went outside, it stopped raining. Chris hurried and took the tent down and just threw it in the back of the car while I sat in the car and got warm. Right as we pulled away, it started pouring again, REALLY HARD. It was about midnight, and i slept most of the way home, but every now and then Chris would wake me up to show me how hard it was raining. It was crazy. You could hardly see a thing. We spent the whole next day putting everything away, setting up the tent and letting it dry out. It was kind of a bummer, it took so much time to clean everything and put it away. But it's kind of funny looking back on it now. We have more pictures somewhere but I couldn't find them. 

We are excited to do some more fun things around here, now that we are getting to know the area better!