Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baby Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are still trying to have a baby. I know that we have only been trying for 9 months, but we wanted a baby for 2 years before that, and couldn't even try because of my health. So this seems like it is taking so long! 
My OBGYN here said that if I was younger he would tell us to wait a little longer, but because I am 28 (I know!) we could go ahead and start trying some other things. It has been kind of hard lately with both of us being gone so much and being apart, but we have now talked with a fertility doctor and had a couple tests done. So far everything looks good. We are going to do a couple more this month and go from there. 
We read this article last week for Family Home Evening and it helped us to have a renewed hope and to think of some more actions we want to start taking to help us have a baby. 
I love the gospel and the help it gives us through our trials!

If we don't get very far with this, then we may start thinking of Foster Care, because it is so much cheaper to adopt that way. I'm not ready for that yet though. I want a baby so bad, I just don't know if I could handle if a baby got taken away from me right now. Maybe if I already had my own child. We have not made an adoption profile yet, but if anyone knows of a baby that needs some awesome parents, let us know!

I have still been feeling pretty good. My joints have decided to act up again. I had an appointment with the Rheumatologist who wants me to start taking a medication that I stopped taking because we are trying to have a baby. She seems to think it would be fine to take while pregnant, but others doctors have told it's not. She did say that the better your arthritis is controlled, the better the baby will do, but I think I'm going to see if she will give me some steroid shots in my fingers instead. She only does them on Fridays, so I might have to make another trip to SL, but that would be worth it. My stomach has bothered me a little the last month or so, but not bad. I have an appointment in a couple weeks with the GI doctor. I wouldn't be surprised if she says it's time for another scope. I just keep praying that I will keep feeling good so we can get pregnant. :)

Tetons/Yellowstone 2015

This last weekend we went on our annual trip with Chris' family to the Tetons. We always go camping there and spend a day in Yellowstone. We didn't go last year because Chris had started his job in Roosevelt about a month before, but then no one ended up going because Brett's mom passed away. I'm glad we got to go this year. There were 18 of us!

Chris' brothers Robby and Ryan got there Wednesday night to get a camping spot. Chris mom and stepdad and sister Courtney and her husband got there early the next morning. We originally planned to leave early Friday morning but then Chris ended up getting Thursday off a couple days beforehand. I was really excited. But then the night before, he got an email saying there was going to be an inventory audit the next morning that he needed to be at. :( I was so upset! They told him they would be there at 10, and they didn't get there till 11:15, so we ended up leaving at 1:30, and getting there about 7:30 Thursday night. We missed playing on the beach that day, but oh well, there's always next year. 

Nala loved holding everyone's hand.
Friday morning most of us went into Yellowstone. We went and saw Old Faithful since we didn't see it the last time we were there. The kids thought it was great. We stopped at a picnic area to eat lunch and took these pics.
The Girls...and Robby and Calvry

The boys were hilarious. We made them get in order from oldest to youngest while trying to stay on the log after this pic was taken. Even though Chris was on the end, we made him go all the way to the other end. I love Damian in this pic. 

We saw lots of bison. Damian gave the peace sign in almost every pic I took of him.

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

Chris thinks he's sneaky.
It was fun to see Courtney! We only get to see her once or twice a year!

One the way back from Yellowstone we saw a grizzly bear and her two cubs. That same day a hiker was found killed by a grizzly and at least one cub in the same area. We're not sure if it's the same one though. It also started rain on the way back. We ate dinner at the restaurant at the campground and then went to bed. It rained all night. Chris, his stepdad, and stepsister planned to go on a 20 mile hike the next day but decided not to because of the rain. I was secretly glad Chris got to stay with me instead. :) It was still raining off and on on Saturday so decided to go into Jackson Hole and look around instead of staying inside the tents all day. We took this pic right before we left. 

 Since we were going all the way to Jackson, and it was till raining, some of us decided to pack up our stuff and leave from there, instead of leaving the next morning. I forgot to take any pics in Jackson, I wanted a pic under the elk antler arch. But oh well, I have one from a couple years ago. It was lots of fun and so good to see everyone. I can't wait until we can live closer to family again!

Goodbye to the Tetons until next year!