Saturday, July 28, 2012


I know I have blogged about Ryanhood before, but I have to again. They are so fun to see. Two guys, Ryan Green and Cameron Hood play guitar and sing. They are not really well known, but have opened for Kelly Clarkson and a few other singers. They are funny and very entertaining. They have performed at ISU several times and I love watching them. They came again July 5. I took my cousin Jamie when they were here a couple years ago, so she wanted to go again. We also took our cousin Sydney, who had never seen them before. 
Here we are before the concert started, so excited!

During the concert they were playing a song and Cameron (the one on the right) forgot the words at the very end. Ryan then told a story about how Cameron got a concussion the week before and was asking the same questions over and over. We all looked at each other because that sounded really familiar. We all gave Cameron a round of applause for making it to almost the last song without forgetting anything. 

Another main reason I wanted to go was to see my two roommates, Amy and Mackenzie. We have had some fun times together. We all took a road trip to California right before my senior year of college and went to Disneyland, Universal Studios, the beach, and the Price is Right! I really wanted to see them again before we move.

Amy found this picture of us on the Idaho State Journal's website. Yup, we're cool.

Cameron complimented my matching pink shoes. :) 

We were last in line to take a picture and have them sign our CD's, and I told them I traveled all this way to see then and they didn't even play my favorite song, "Allright." So they said they would play it for us. I was so excited! If you want to hear the song, go here. This is them, up close and personal, playing for just me, Jamie, Sydney, Amy, and Mackenzie.

Ryan also let Amy play his mandolin. She was so excited.

Well, we had tons of fun. It was another late night, and I had to work the next day, but it was worth it. :)

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