Thursday, September 13, 2012

Story Time

Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy who had been married for almost a year. They had been through a lot together in those few months, and just as things were starting to get better, they found they had more decisions to make and more things to stress about. The boy had been accepted to graduate school in Washington, so they were planning on moving there in August. They spent all summer looking for jobs for both of them with no luck. They questioned their decision to go, wondering if they were not finding jobs because they shouldn’t go. But they had felt right about it when they made the decision to move and knew that the only way the boy would eventually get a better job was to finish school. They kept looking and looking and were getting so frustrated. The girl especially needed a job so she could keep her health insurance. Finally at the end of July they found an opening for a full time dietitian position at a hospital (oddly enough, also called St. Luke’s) in Spokane! They were so excited! She quickly applied and sent them her resume. Within 2 days they called and wanted her to come to Spokane for an interview. So the boy and girl drove the long drive there so she could have her interview. She felt like it went well and was very hopeful. While they were there they looked at some apartments to live in and found one that they liked. It was smaller than their house now, but it would work just fine and the boy and girl finally felt like things were going to work out. Then the waiting began.
After stressing and worrying for so long, they had previously decided that if the girl didn’t have a job by the time they were moving then she needed to stay in Twin Falls and continue working at her job there until she found something in Spokane. The boy and girl did not want to do this, but felt they had no choice. A week and a half went by and still no word on the job. The manager had gone on vacation for 2 weeks and hadn’t made a decision before she left.
The time came to pack up the moving truck. They were afraid they weren’t going to be able to fit all of their precious things into the truck, but they managed to and all was well.

The next morning, the boy and girl said goodbye to each other, not knowing when they would see each other again. There were tears, and both drove away from the house in sadness. They next few days were very hard. The boy drove to Spokane with the moving truck, his dad, and his stepmom. But when his dad and stepmom left, he was all alone and very sad. The girl was still looking for jobs and hoping for the one at St. Luke’s.  Two weeks went by and the boy and girl finally decided that it was too hard being separated. After lots of thought and prayer, the girl gave her two weeks notice at her job in Twin. The boy bought a plane ticket to come for the girl’s brother’s wedding the next week. They were happy because they knew that they would finally see each other after 3 long weeks.
Then an unexpected call came. It was the hospital in Spokane. They wanted the girl to come for a second interview!! This was really good news! The girl arranged to be gone Thursday and Friday from work, and was able to fly to Spokane and have another interview. The boy and girl were so happy to be together again-after only 2 weeks instead of 3! It had seemed like so long, neither of them understood how other people live separated from their love longer than that-it was so hard! They had a wonderful weekend together over Labor Day weekend. They went to a park with large cats (lions, tigers, and there was one bear)! They went to a huge park near their apartment that has many beautiful gardens and ponds. They loved spending time with each other. The girl had to fly back to Twin on Monday, to finish out her last week of work, but this time the goodbye was much easier knowing that they would see each other again in 4 days.  
They were still waiting to hear about the job. By this time it had been over a month since the first interview and time seemed to crawl by. But on Tuesday morning the girl received a phone call offering her the job! She was so excited and immediately called the boy to share the good news. The boy could not believe it either and they both said prayers to thank their Heavenly Father for this wonderful blessing. So much worry and stress was lifted off of their shoulders that day. They could finally be sure that they were doing the right thing.  They were both able to go back to Spokane together after the girl’s brother’s wedding. The girl started her new job and they lived happily ever after.

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