Thursday, September 13, 2012

Redfish Lake

 At the beginning of August of we were able to go camping for a couple of nights with some of my family. We went to Lake Alturas and met my mom, brother Kyler, Aunt Shirley and cousin Alisen, Uncle Kendall, Aunt Anne and cousins Josh and JJ, and my sister Tysi and her husband Ron and their kids. We got there Thursday night and set up our tent and ate some yummy tinfoil dinners. Friday we all went to Redfish Lake nearby and played on Kendall and Anne’s boat. The weather wasn’t very cooperative and we had a little rain and lots of wind, but it was still fun. Saturday morning we got up and packed our stuff and went home. We were in the middle of moving and felt like we needed to go home and get some packing done. Everyone else stayed for the day and took the boat out on Lake Alturas.  Here are lots of fun pics:

  1. Kyler decided to set his tent up as far away from anyone else as possible, and Halli followed him to “help.” I told her to smile and if you look closely you can see her using her cute little fingers to point to the corners of her mouth as she said “cheese!”
  2. I followed them out there and Halli dropped down in the grass and said she was hiding. You can see her and Kyler peeking up from the grass.
  3. Halli loves “the beach.” She saw it clear from the parking lot and starting yeling “the beach!”
  4. Kelsi and Jenna love it too apparently. J

  1. I was a wuss and had my sweatshirt on and towel wrapped around me.
  2. Halli also loved riding the boat.
  3. Kade was tough enough to wear a pink life jacket, and learned to kneeboard in the cold and rain.
  4. Again, I look silly with my sweatshirt but I like this picture of Kyler and I.

  1. Kelsi got her dad’s fishing pole and actually caught a fish a few minutes later…a really dead stinky fish.
  2. Kyler is all ready to learn to water ski! 

  1. Just chilling on the beach. It was Kyler’s birthday so he is holding some cookies made for him by his beloved Stephanie. He was sad because he missed her.
  2. Everyone is just having lots of fun.
  3. Halli was so upset at Kyler  for “sitting on her sandcastle,” even though it really was just a big hole in the ground.
  4. Cheese! 

  1. Saturday morning before we left Chris and I walked down to Lake Alturas. The weather was much better and it was really pretty.
  2. Don’t mind us looking gross and unshowered. 
  3. We stopped and took this picture on the way back at the top of Galena Summit.
  4. We planned to go home and do a temple session and then get to packing, but Chris’ cousin/best friend called and wanted him to go boating with them one last time. So we went and did initiatories at the temple and then went boating with Chris’ friends for awhile. They had the boat at Chris’ grandparent’s, so we went there and it was nice to see them again before we moved. Somehow they talked me into kneeboarding. After watching Chris and Kade do it the day before I thought it looked easy enough that I could do it. So I was glad I did, it was pretty fun. I hate tubing and don’t think I’m strong enough to wakeboard, but I really enjoyed kneeboarding.

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