Monday, July 1, 2013

Leiser Reunion

Well a couple of weeks ago we were able to go home for a really quick trip. We were able to ride with Chris' aunt and uncle who live in Coeur d' Alane. We left Thursday after work, stayed the night in Butte, Montana, and got there Friday afternoon. We left early Sunday morning. We had a really good time and I think it made us both miss home a lot. Friday afternoon we stopped and visited with my mom for about an hour, and then with my dad for about an hour. My mom drove us back to Twin. Two of Chris' cousins were there, his aunt and uncle, and all of his siblings. Friday night we ate dinner and then mostly visited. Saturday we got up and we all went down to Centennial Park and rented canoes and kayaks and then floated the Snake River from Centennial Park to a place called Pillar Falls, and then back. I think everyone had fun. I love the Snake River Canyon, it was so pretty! 

 The two rocks behind us are the "pillars."

When we got done canoeing we stopped at this waterfall that Chris and I have visited a few times. It's just off the side of the road on the way to the park. You can walk down and walk right under the waterfall. 

After we were done we went home and ate lunch and played on the big blow up slip n' slide that Chris' stepmom ordered. Chris and I also went and said hi to my sister and her family for just a few minutes, and went and visited with his mom. We had a BBQ that night and then watched the guys play basketball. 

Calvry couldn't make it to the end, so he's walking the rest of the way. Which is what I had to do too, haha.

Our nephew Calvry took this pic of us at the end of the day. Love my husband and his family!

In a couple weeks we are flying home for a reunion with my mom and all my siblings. Then in August we are going to go camping at the Tetons with Chris' mom and stepdad. Going home 3 times! It's already a busy summer. :)

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