Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Praying for a Baby

So most of you know that Chris and I have been wanting a baby for a long time. After the whole surgery last December and TPN for 4 months, my doctors in Spokane did not recommend having a baby. So we haven't even been trying. We decided to try to adopt as soon as Chris finished school. But then LDS Social Services announced that they weren't going to to do adoptions anymore. Literally 2 days before we going to submit the papers. I checked into a bunch of adoption agencies in Utah but they all just cost way more than we can afford. So we decided to fast and pray about it again. This time, we felt much better about having our own. I have been feeling really well since we moved. I think it is because I haven't had to work. I can sleep in if I need to, rest if I don't feel good, focus on eating better, etc. 

Right after we moved, I got an appointment with a primary care doctor here. He wanted me to see some other doctors before we go ahead and start trying. I saw an OB in Roosevelt, and we talked about medications that I would need to stop taking. And I was perfectly ok with that, because they were mostly meds that don't help me anymore. Then I had an appointment with a GI doctor in Salt Lake on Friday. I was really looking forward to this appointment and felt like it took forever, but it finally came. I really liked the doctor. I was hoping that she would just say "Yeah, have a baby, I'll help you if you get sick." But she wanted me to see a Urologist and a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor (High Risk Pregnancy doctor) before hand. She also had me get blood drawn and it showed that I'm anemic and low in Vitamin D. I have slacked off on taking my vitamins lately, so I will do better. I have an appointment on the 15th with the Urologist, to have a scope of my bladder and make sure they still can't find a fistula. We wouldn't want to figure that out while I was pregnant, and need surgery. My doctor's in Spokane talked about the possibility of doing TPN while I am pregnant, so we talked about crossing that bridge when we get there. Hopefully I won't be that sick, and we won't have to go there. The MFM doctor will be able to tell us if there is a weight goal, and the risks of pregnancy and everything. I did lose 10 pounds when we moved, and I don't know why, probably from the stress of packing and everything. I wish that wouldn't have happened so the chances of us getting pregnant fast would be better. The appointment with the MFM doctor is not he 27th, so I guess I can wait 20 more days, right? 

We haven't ruled out adoption. If we heard of a baby someone was giving up, and could adopt them without going through an agency, then we would totally do that. I do have a name of a lady to call who has adopted a lot of children, and knows how to do it without paying an arm and a leg, so I am going to call and pick her brain. 

Sometimes I get really emotional when we are around kids. I just started crying spontaneously a couple times, when we were on Temple Square, just seeing cute kids and babies everywhere. I have also been known to cry at church, or walking through the baby section at the store. We want a baby so bad, so please pray for us that we will be able to start our family soon. And if you hear of any babies needing a mommy and daddy, let us know! 


Kira Rivadeneira said...

Jill, It sounds like you are in good hands and they are looking into everything to make sure you have a successful pregnancy.
You and Chris will be in my prayers. I hope everything works quickly and that you get all of the answers that you want to hear.

Taryn said...

You will be in my prayers!! I know you are going to be such an amazing mother.