Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gonna move to the country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches

Whenever I think of peaches I think of this song by the band The Presidents of the United States. It's an old song, and it's kind of weird that they decided to write a whole song about peaches, (unless there is an underlying message that I'm missing) but it's got a catchy tune...and if you watch the video to the end, you'll see some sweet ninja action!

Chris and I really wanted to get some peaches this year to can. My mom used to can peaches every year, and I loved it. I also have lots of memories eating canned peaches with bread and butter at my Grandma Tuttle's (Olson) house. She lived across the street from us for a while when I was younger, and sometimes she would babysit Kyler and I and she would always feed us canned peaches. YUM! Every year in July and August I start to crave peaches and cream. I also grew up eating fresh peaches with cream and sugar-so good! So I bought a box of peaches through a girl in my ward for a good price, but then realized I should have gotten more. So on Labor Day Chris and I went to an orchard here in Spokane and picked a couple more small boxes. We rode a tractor out the peaches and then rode it back.  It took us most of the rest of the day to get it done, with lots of phone calls to my mom, but we were very happy with the results!

It was a lot of work and I was so glad Chris was there to help me! We are very excited about our peaches!

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