Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Just a few fun pics of a couple different times we have spent in the mountains recently...

I rode with Kelsi on the back of her motorbike and this is what happened.

We went on a little hike.

And we made it to the top!

Our campsite

These two are best buds. They have so much fun together.

Ian LOVED the four wheeler!

Apparently I wore this outfit when I was little.

Halli was having lots of fun!
Next week we (my siblings, mom, and I) are going to Island Park for a few days while Brock is here. I am really excited to all be together. Stay tuned for pics. :)


Dani said...

looks like lots of fun! i didn't know kelsi and jenna were dirt bikers. where did you go camping at?

Jill said...

yeah it was lots of fun! both times we went up to rock creek then turned off at magic mountain. Kelsi and Jenna love to ride their motorcycles. they're both really good too. Ron rides too, and even Kade and Kalan have little dirt bikes their size!