Monday, March 1, 2010

Free music anybody?

Well, there is this band called Ryanhood. I LOVE them! It consists of two guys, Ryan Green and Cameron Hood (hence the name Ryanhood.) I've seen them in concert twice. They travel around the country performing, but they are still trying to become really well known. They are AMAZING guitar players, great singers, very funny, and awesome entertainers. Their homestate is Arizona, and last year they actually opened for Kelly Clarkson there. (When they have big concerts like that they have a full band, as well as on their CDs.) I think a lot of people are skeptical of their music at first because it is a little different, but give it a chance. It really grows on ya. Anyway, they are giving away their newest CD "The World Awaits" for FREE for a limited time only. It's a steal because I had to pay for it. :) They sent an email encouraging us to spread the word. So hear I am spreading the word:

This video was taken by my friend Amy at their CD release concert in Arizona a year ago. I had a thing called school so I coudn't go with her and our roommate Kris. I didn't feel like I could afford the time (or money) but Amy was kind enough to bring me back two pressed pennies for my collection. :) Anyway, Amy filmed this song that they sang that has now gotten almost 19,000 hits on YouTube and was tweeted by Ellen Degeneres. Since Ryanhood caught her attention, (which was the whole point) they were in talks with her producers to be on the show. But I don't think anything has happened with that in awhile. We are still trying to get them more fame so here's my part in doing that. Enjoy!


Dani said...

Thanks Jill, I've wondered about this band you and Amy love so much :) I was nervous when I first downloaded the CD because it said it was a zipped file, but it opened just fine. I'm listening to it now, and so far I like what I hear :)

Brock and Kristina said...

Sweet. I just downloaded it. My middle name is free.

Jill said...

Cool! I hope you guys like it...Kris, they are actually playing in Boston this Saturday and tickets are $10, if you are interested. I wrote Brock on facebook and told him all the particulars, so just FYI. :)