Monday, January 18, 2010

Friends Are Great

This weekend I had a 3 day weekend so I decided to take a much needed trip to Pocatello to see my good friend Amy. It was a very short trip and I wish I had time to see other people there too, but I was also trying to do a little homework and ran out of time, so maybe next time. I drove home to Burley Friday night, and then went to Pocatello Saturday. I had to stop at the mall for a few minutes, so it was 5:00 when I got to her house. I wish I would have been more on top of it and gotten there earlier, but we had fun anyway. Nothing too exciting happened, but we had fun. We just talked and caught up for awhile when I got there, she listened to me vent about life, very patiently I might add, then we went and ate at KFC. When we got home we mostly just talked some more, while watching some videos. We watched some Ryanhood, (a band we like) and watched some Psych. Amy is the one who introduced me to Psych, so I thank her for that! We ended up talking until 3 in the morning. I left Sunday morning and drove back to Burley and went to Church with my mom. During Relief Society we talked about people's talents that have touched our lives. The whole time I was thinking of Amy (and my mother, but that's another topic), and how she just listened to everything I needed to talk about. She has a way of giving you advice while being on your side, and always make you feel better about things. She's a great listener, and a great friend. On top of all that, she's hilarious!

We met my freshman year of college at ISU, and then lived together for the next 3 years. We like a lot of the same things, and have had so many good times. She's always been there for me. She lived with me the year I was sick a lot and she visited me in the hospital, and listened to me complain. She was very diligent about calling when I had surgery to see how I was doing. I was always touched when she called. It was a sad day when I graduated and moved out and she bought her own house. She's one of the best friends I've ever had, so I just had to write about it! Thanks Amy for everything! Here's just some of the good time's we have had:

Amy's a crazy driver!
We robbed the bank!

I have been blessed with many great friends in my life, and I love them all. I am so thankful for wonderful people who bless my life with their talents!


Dani said...

I agree, Amy rocks! That's funny how you mentioned she's a good listener and can give you advice while still being on your side - that fits her perfectly. And thanks for stopping to see me while you were here - it was great seeing you! ;) j/k

Jill said...

Hey, I said I was sorry I didn't have time at the beginning of teh post! :) I was really thinking of calling, but I just got away too late, next time!

Halfords said...

Why does she look SO familiar to me?? Is she from Utah?

Jill said...

Hey Amanda, Amy is from Twin. She's lived there since like elementary school. Before that she lived in Boise. That's funny that she looks familiar!

SAYDA said...

Sounds like she's an awesome friend. It's great when we have friends like that. She's lucky to have you too.